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You provide us with a database of names and physical addresses and we use a patented technology to match those to individual household (or business) IP addresses.  We can isolate individual households and show your display or video ads JUST to those particular households that you want to reach.  It’s direct mail for the internet!  You have all the benefits of direct mail without the cost of printing and postage. AND unlike direct mail, it’s not a one time shot.  You can target your potential customer repeatedly and show them your ads.


Zero Wasted Impressions or Budget on Your ROI

At the conclusion of each month throughout the campaign we will identify which of your new customers were a result of the IP Targeting Program. We will match your new customers addresses from that month to targeted addresses from the IP Targeting Program. Matches indicate a “converted” household and that home will be removed from the list so that you don’t continue to show them your ad.  Zero wasted impressions!

Contact Skywynn today for a free consultation on how we can help you advertise with IP Targeting.

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